A Life of Serious Nonsense

A Life of Serious Nonsense is a play about the tenacity of love surviving the flaws, blunders and stupidities of living a lifetime with another clown. It weaves the tricks and illusions of Lloyd Brant and Rosie Cole’s signature show Serious Nonsense, with their real backstage story. Because it’s a love story it of course involves pain, suffering and the healing power of laughter. Our foolish lovers tell their tale with a broken rose, a scuffed up snare drum and their trademark Emergency Clown Nose.™

The Wacky Chicken Show

The Wacky Chicken Show uses the age-old metaphor of the chicken and egg as symbols of life, weaving a hysterically funny, ultimately thoughtful and joyful story of human yearning, failure and spiritual triumph—while clucking, strutting, and laying eggs. Lloyd Brant and Rosie Cole have performed their Daffy Duck inspired show across the USA.

Cirque de la Loon

Cirque de la Loon is FOOLS PRODUCTIONS’ bold new spring show opening April Fools Day. This experimental work is our first step in developing a full circus size production. The seed of our circus is the heart of the clown. The show will be based on a modern myth that playwright Lloyd Brant is writing about the clown’s origin, telling the unknown story of where clowns came from, why they are here and why they now live in tents.


A Spirit of Halloween

A Spirit of Halloween: Throughout time the Fool has danced on the crossroads between the light and darkness. The true Fool has the courage to laugh during the darkest night of the soul, which can provide the power to heal the human spirit. Lloyd Brant created this one-man show based on a character he developed when he was the opening act for the Rock and Roll legend THE DOORS.